Policeman in Ohio Saved a Black Girl from Being Stabbed but That's Not What You're Going to See in the Media

Since Facebook has decided to remove my post, I'm republishing it here on Substack. I believe hard truths, even upsetting to some, cannot be shunned.

Policeman in Ohio saved a young girl's life, as she was about to get stabbed.

Of course that's not what you're going to read and hear in the media. Even those seemingly reasonable talk about "police shooting" and "killing" a 15 year old girl. Protesters are already out in the streets.

Let's be blunt here - USA doesn't have a policing problem it has a persistent Black violence problem.

If you removed Black population from the statistics, murder rates would drop by half, as would the robberies. All other crime rates - assaults, burglaries, drug crimes would drop by 30-40%, for an ethnic group that is just 13% of the population.

Some people like to suggest that it's due to a legacy of systemic racism that specifically targets and marginalizes black people, keeping them in poverty which is the source of crime.

Why is it, then, that proper African immigrants - like Nigerians or Ghanaians - are making more per household every year than even White Americans? Of course, it's likely that those who have managed to immigrate are from among the African elites - but, if the racism narrative was to hold, they should still be subjected to racist exclusion, shouldn't they? So, why aren't they marginalized into poverty due to their skin color?

Of course the entire racist victimhood narrative is rubbish - that's why there are black millionaire athletes or billionaire celebrities and musicians. There's so much oppression that the former Black president of the US is living in a $15M dollar mansion and LeBron just dropped $37M on his.

In fact, America is so racist that the richest ethnic group in the country are... Indians, with $135,000 median household income, compared to $65,000 for average Whites. They're followed by the Taiwanese and Filipinos. Indonesians, Pakistanis, Iranians are close to the top as well.

Would you just marvel at this obvious white supremacy!

And it's not like Asians have always been seen as capable or talented either. Chinese immigrants suffered their fair share of racism a century ago, seen as inferior, cheap labor force. The Japanese were held in internment camps throughout the World War 2 - "just in case".

Today they are among the most successful in America, while Blacks are not.

But perhaps when you idolize gangsta rappers and bonehead basketball players, whose only talent is putting a piece of inflated, vulcanized rubber through a metal ring, this is just what you might end up with.

If I were to walk up to an average Black guy in the street and ask him about Thomas Sowell or the late Walter Williams, I'm pretty sure I would only get a blank stare in response. A few more may know Ben Carson - though probably not as a brilliant neurosurgeon that he is but rather an Uncle Tom sellout to the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Black Americans will never ever lift themselves out of poverty and violence if their role models are gang members and gangsta "artists" glorifying violence, drugs and sexual irresponsibility.

We know that Asians - of various origins - push their children to work hard, study hard, become doctors, engineers, scientists, run their own businesses, become somebody respectable and self-sufficient. Blacks hardly ever have complete families to do that (3/4 of children are born outside of marriage and 50% live with single mothers) - but how can they when their parents (and themselves) are refusing to follow even the few good examples from their community?

Is anybody forcing them to screw around and leave children behind without a father?

Almost every other ethnic group - including recent African immigrants - is doing better. So it's not racism that's the problem - the problem is within the African-American community. And nobody can solve it for them.