Never before has so much been destroyed by so few, for so many, so quickly

Biden's administration and the Democratic Party have managed to trigger several domestic and international crises in a matter of months. Is there any end to it?

I knew Biden's administration would be bad - I didn't know it would be this bad, though.

Today the US has to grapple with:

  • An unemployment crisis, coupled with...

  • Employee shortage crisis (bizarre, I know)

  • Inflation crisis

  • Gas crisis

  • Crime crisis

  • Border crisis

And each of them is largely or entirely a consequence of disastrous policymaking of the Democratic Party. And that's just domestic politics. In international politics this administration has already directly or indirectly triggered:

  • Resurgence of hostilities in Palestine, after 4 years of relative calm (remember when everybody was screaming that moving US embassy to Jerusalem by Trump would lead to war?)

  • Iranian harassment of US ships in the Hormuz

  • Increased tensions over Taiwan, with China behaving more belligerently

  • Russian buildup along the Ukrainian border

Literally every single thing these people touch turns sour (at least they didn't screw up the vaccination campaign they inherited).

Just a few days ago the much hyped jobs report - which was widely expected to show a jump in employment of over 1 million jobs showed just... 266,000. That's 750,000 below the target - it's a disaster. Unemployment, instead of going down to the anticipated 5.8% went up to 6.1%. This is in the middle of one of the most widespread vaccination campaigns in the world and resumption of economic activity.

The reason? Another extension of the provisions under CARES Act that guarantee additional $300 per week in unemployment benefits, which were supposed to end in March but will now be in place until the end of September. Instead of getting people back to work in a reopening economy, Biden's admin and the Democratic Party are effectively bankrolling unemployment in a time when companies are desperate to hire.

This has to be the worst economic policymaking in known American history. Borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars to pour them into people's pockets, deterring them from working when the economy is ripe for a rebound.

You end up with:

  • lower economic growth

  • higher debt

  • higher unemployment

  • higher prices

Democrats are playing with fire, asking for another stagflation and a repeat from the 1970s.

🔴 As if that wasn't enough, literally everybody smells blood and weakness of the corrupt woke admin headed by a president suffering starkly visible mental decline and a VP who is in persistent hiding, afraid of dirtying her hands. Plus their party, focusing energy on further power grabs (like the attempts to pack the Supreme Court or make Washington DC another state, which would give them two extra seats in the Senate).

The Iranians are getting bolder, the Chinese are getting bolder, the Russians are getting bolder, as are Palestinian terrorists, who are now getting refunded by the Biden admin and see an opportunity to resume higher intensity hostilities, feeling they have a silent backing of the new administration and many members of the Democratic Party.

Heck, even criminal hacking groups - though likely supported by a state actor - are getting bolder, knocking out one of the major US pipelines, leaving drivers' tanks dry across Eastern US, with Biden's administration MIA on the issue.

(Meanwhile CIA is releasing PR videos touting "inclusivity" showing how it employs people with woke mental conditions. One would be hoping it's just a maskirovka, a smokescreen meant to fool America's enemies - but knowing the people in charge, it's probably not.)

Even poor immigrants from Latin America saw the weakness of the administration, pouring in by the thousands across the southern border during the worst pandemic in a century.

Up and down the US thousands of businesses went bust, particularly under excessively restrictive lockdowns in Democrat-run states. People were fined or jailed for flouting distancing or masking restrictions. But tens of thousands of immigrants are crowding at the border or crossing straight through into the US.

Pure insanity.

As if that wasn't enough, demented calls for defunding the police and a false narrative making unfounded claims of systemic racism and targeting of minorities by law enforcement, have led to unprecedented surge in violent crimes in major - all Democrat-run - cities. Homicides are up 30-50%.

Thousands of officers have left the service, while fewer are willing to sign up, given their vilification by the reckless left-wingers, leaving many precincts understaffed and unable to respond to crime.

This is also the reason for the surge in Asian-directed hate crimes, perpetuated mainly by African American criminals:

Here's a quote from a report published on Quillette:

"The New York Police Department compiles the most extensive data on hate crimes in the country. These data confirm the Oakland officer’s observation. A black New Yorker is over six times as likely to commit a hate crime against an Asian as a white New Yorker, according to New York Police Department data.

In 2020, blacks made up 50 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in New York City, even though blacks are 24 percent of the city’s population. Whites made up 10 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in 2020 in New York City but account for 32 percent of the city’s population.

If we include black Hispanics in the black category, blacks account for 60 percent of all anti-Asian attacks in 2020."


It's not just bad - it's tragic. Never before has so much been destroyed by so few, for so many, so quickly.