Israel - the only civilized country in the Middle East

This article was removed by Facebook earlier, so I am republishing it here. See for yourselves how "hatefully" true it is...

I think in the light of the events in the Middle East it's time to make something abundantly clear - the only country, group, nation that deserves support of any sane individual in any part of the civilized world is Israel.

There is literally not a single rational reason to support Palestinians. Not one.

Palestinians are not victims - they are incompetent terrorists, who kept losing one war after another for 75 years, leaving destruction in their wake and wasting every single chance for peace - not only in Israel but in neighboring countries too.

Israel NEVER wanted war. NEVER. In 1947 there was a UN approved plan for a 2-state solution with a free city of Jerusalem under international control. That's how far Israel wanted to go to maintain balance and give both ethnic groups their own country to live in, with a shared holy city.

What was the Arab response? Boycott of the UN and war - which they lost, what kind of set the trend for the next seven decades.

Calling Israelis "occupiers" is a comical joke too. Israel never wanted the West Bank or Gaza. In fact, ahead of the Six Day War in 1967 it asked King Hussein of Jordan not to participate but he refused. As a result Jordan lost the West Bank in the conflict, as Israel was pushing back against gathering Arab forces.

In Gaza, Israel unilaterally, unconditionally withdrew from the strip in 2005, demolishing ALL settlements. Did things change for the better? Have Palestinians taken advantage of full control over the area to turn it into a peaceful prosperous enclave, now that the Jews have completely withdrawn?

No, they voted for Hamas, triggering an intra-Palestinian conflict and collapse of governance across the entire Palestinian Territories, which no longer hold elections nor have any parliamentary body. Resulting Hamas-Fatah war claimed over 600 lives and put Gaza firmly in the hands of the terrorist organization, with the West Bank under control of Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas, who is now in the 16th year of his 4 year term.

As a result not only Israel but Egypt - the largest Arab state in the world - was fed up with Palestinians and both instituted a blockade of the strip in order to contain and control terrorist activity which spilled over both ways.

Palestinians created problems not only for Israel but for Arab countries too.

In 1970, after seeking refuge in Jordan, having been defeated in the Six Day War, PLO started a rebellion aiming to unseat the Hashemites from the throne in Jordan. They lost again and got kicked out, this time to Lebanon, where their presence upset the delicate balance and just 5 years later PLO started attacking Maronite Christians, pushing the entire country into a devastating Civil War, that lasted 15 years and left it in rubble.

So, pretty please, before you want to make a peep about Palestinians, please acknowledge their lengthy history of bloodbath unleashed everywhere they went.

But it's not only them, to be fair.

I would say the Middle East is stuck in the Middle Ages - but that would be an insult to the Medieval Islamic scholars, who ushered in a Golden Age of science and prosperity that the region never saw again.

The Arab Middle East today is in its Dark Ages - probably the worst period in its entire history. There is not a single civilized country there, not one sane group of people. Relatively most advanced oil-rich monarchies of the Gulf are quite livable. But let's not forget they are using the money to bankroll proxy conflicts everywhere else - so they are still a part of the problem.

Across North Africa you'd probably stop in Tunisia for some semblance of sanity and Morocco, perhaps, even if economically still quite backward. Other than that there's poverty, authoritarianism, isolationism, violence, corruption, crime or downright war, slavery and terrorism.

Despite the oil money, science is barely existent. Lavish palaces, hotels, shopping malls and generous handouts in Gulf countries - yeah, there's that. But little is used to advance the causes of humanity.

Hostilities in Palestine could end tomorrow if Palestinians decided to. It's always Hamas that starts another round - aided generously by Iran (and Qatar), as even other Arab nations, for all their sins, are fed up with corrupt and reckless Palestinians. Israel merely responds, that's all. And if you poke the bear... well, you're getting what you asked for.

Palestinians are not even good to each other. Foreign aid is robbed, money is used to serve terror, nothing ever gets done, the population lives in dire poverty, child labor was used to build attack tunnels into Israel, while its corrupt leadership sits in its ivory towers, tossing Palestinian lives around as cannon fodder, hoping to attract international pity through yet another round of pointless martyrdom.

Well, they are victims of their own ignorance and violence, nothing else.

Despite exceptionally hostile conditions, relative lack of resources and swathes of infertile deserts, Israel has managed to build an advanced, modern country, with world-class science and technology sectors, while everybody else in the region is busy butchering each other.

It's the only functional democracy, where rights of all citizens are respected and Israeli Arabs - constituting 25% of the society - can vote and have parliamentary representation.

I dare you to show me any other country in the Middle East that comes anywhere near this.

Voicing any support for Palestinians, given their horrendous track record of violence and corruption borders on insanity.