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How true you said it. See the evidence we know in everyday life facts.


Israel is the most democratic nation in the Arab region, treat every race equally, turned deserts into fertile land with milk and honey.

What Palestinians do best is exporting terrorism world wide in the abused name of God. They are just twisted psychopaths and yet many dumb idiots support them.

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Ummm...you seriously need to revisit your history. Yes, there was a two state solution in 1947, that took away land from the inhabitants (Palestinians) and handed it to newcomers (Jews) based on a promise made in the Bible. Granted that something needed to be done in light of the holocaust, but it involved pretty much taking land from another group (thanks Brits).

And as far as "occupation" goes, its interesting to see you mention that Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, but you very conveniently say nothing about the settlements in the West Bank. Also about "occupiers" being a comical joke, so benevolent "non-occupiers" can, ahem, "visit" (not "occupy" as you so smartly put it) the Sinai (for a few years), The West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights (which is still being, ahem, "visited" not "occupied").

Bro, please get your facts straight and please (when the world opens up) go to that part of the world and see first hand. First thing you will see is, this isn't a people vs. people conflict anymore, it has devolved into a political match between two parties who just don't want to share power. Second thing you will see, this isn't an Arab - Jewish conflict (you used the word Jews once in your article, indicating that it is potentially a communal conflict).

Man, you are so uninformed. And so is JML. Do you guys even know that Palestinian demographics are 79% Muslim, 20% Christians and 1% Druze? Pot calling the kettle black when you gentlemen call others ignorant? :)

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Israel: the only terrorist country in the world backed by US, EU

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