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How true you said it. See the evidence we know in everyday life facts.


Israel is the most democratic nation in the Arab region, treat every race equally, turned deserts into fertile land with milk and honey.

What Palestinians do best is exporting terrorism world wide in the abused name of God. They are just twisted psychopaths and yet many dumb idiots support them.

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Yeah, the irony is that Israel is vilified precisely because it's successful. Left wingers can't stand anybody who does well in life.

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Ummm...you seriously need to revisit your history. Yes, there was a two state solution in 1947, that took away land from the inhabitants (Palestinians) and handed it to newcomers (Jews) based on a promise made in the Bible. Granted that something needed to be done in light of the holocaust, but it involved pretty much taking land from another group (thanks Brits).

And as far as "occupation" goes, its interesting to see you mention that Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, but you very conveniently say nothing about the settlements in the West Bank. Also about "occupiers" being a comical joke, so benevolent "non-occupiers" can, ahem, "visit" (not "occupy" as you so smartly put it) the Sinai (for a few years), The West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights (which is still being, ahem, "visited" not "occupied").

Bro, please get your facts straight and please (when the world opens up) go to that part of the world and see first hand. First thing you will see is, this isn't a people vs. people conflict anymore, it has devolved into a political match between two parties who just don't want to share power. Second thing you will see, this isn't an Arab - Jewish conflict (you used the word Jews once in your article, indicating that it is potentially a communal conflict).

Man, you are so uninformed. And so is JML. Do you guys even know that Palestinian demographics are 79% Muslim, 20% Christians and 1% Druze? Pot calling the kettle black when you gentlemen call others ignorant? :)

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It didn't take away anything, so please check *your* history. The 1947 proposal was delimited along the lines of majority Jewish/Arab population - and Jews actually OWNED the land that they bought there - and had been buying since late 19th century, back under the Ottoman rule.

There were broadly three categories of land in Palestine - private Arab land, private Jewish land and state land. State land belonged to the "state", which in 1947 was represented by the British. There was no Arab state prior to that, unless you want to look hundreds of years before the Ottomans - but if you want to dig in history it won't be too good for the Arabs who are not really indigenous to the area - unlike the Jews.

Since there was no Arab state, since the Ottoman state collapsed and since Arabs rebelled against the Ottomans helping the WWI effort, while there had also been an intent to create a Jewish state, recognizing both the breadth of the Jewish population in the area by that time, a decision was made to do what appeared to have been the fairest solution - create two states and, remarkably, an independent Jerusalem under international administration, that would allow access to both groups treating the city as their holy land.

Jews agreed to that, as did the rest of the West - but not the Arabs, who didn't want to negotiate but just started a war.

Nobody took anything from anybody - the land was largely bought and owned by Jews and Jewish organization, upon their arrival at various periods of time. There is no claim that Arabs can make to the land, in fact, since it wasn't theirs to begin with - it belonged to the Ottoman Empire that was no more.

On the ruins of the empire several new countries have been formed. So, if you could have Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan etc. why couldn't you have Israel, on the lands where a Jewish majority lived?

Arabs have created several countries of their own but denied the right to self-determination of the Jews living in exactly the same place?

Secondly, there's no occupation. All the lands you've mentioned Israel won in a defensive war. In fact, Israel never wanted the West Bank and pleaded with Hussein to stay neutral - but he refused. After Jordanians attacked West Jerusalem, Israel repelled them beyond the river Jordan. That's how West Bank was captured, even though Israel never intended or wanted that.

So much for "occupation".

After the Six Day War Israelis offered citizenship to Arab inhabitants of the West Bank, but most refused. Meanwhile, PLO had to run to safety, escaping to Jordan, where in just 3 years it started a rebellion against the Hashemites, trying to topple them and take control over the country. It lost, was kicked out to Lebanon and by 1975 it started clashing with Maronite Christians leading to a devastating 15 year long civil war.

So, tell me, who is the aggressor here? And why did the Palestine "Liberation" Organization, go around starting wars in other countries too?

Withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 was a perfect litmus test of Palestinian goodwill. The question was - what would happen if Israel just withdrew from Gaza, demolished all settlements and leave Palestinians to their own self-governance? Well, it didn't take long to see. In 2006 they voted for Hamas in a landslide victory, which triggered a Palestinian civil war between Hamas and Fatah, killing over 600 Palestinians in the clashes that followed, leaving the governance broken until today. They can't even govern their own lands.

Gaza has turned into a terrorist outpost for Iran-backed Hamas.

And you're trying to say something about settlements in the West Bank? As I said, Israel didn't want the West Bank but since Arabs were so intent on trying to destroy the country why would it not want to both cripple their ability to do so and win its ancestral lands back in the process? Do you seriously expect of Israelis to accept being attacked incessantly for 70 years, by overwhelmingly more populous Arab nations and not strike back against them or their interests?

Arabs had a 2-state solution on the table 75 years ago. There could have been no war, they would have had way more land than under any other proposal and would have been able to do whatever they wanted. Sadly, all that they wanted was to kill the Jews. And now they're claiming victimhood?

Israel didn't want Gaza, Sinai or the Golan either. It just so happened that it was forced to defend itself and entrenched itself in areas that provided strategic defensive leverage against obviously hostile neighbors. What's wrong with that exactly? If Arabs weren't intent on raiding Israel and depriving Jews of their statehood there would have been no wars.

What you're doing here is victim blaming just because that victim turned out to be smarter, more accomplished, more diligent, less corrupt and overall more successful.

This conflict has way more layers than you make it out to. And - as I explained in my other posts - the current escalation has less to do with actual Palestinian-Israeli conflict and a lot more with A. intra-Palestinian rivalry for power after Abbas called the latest elections off and B. Iran testing tactical deployment of large number of missiles to test the breaking point of the Iron Dome system under stress.

To different degrees it's a conflict between people, it's a conflict between religions (just listen to what Muslims all over the world are saying), it's a conflict within Islam itself (over patronage over the ummah after the collapse of the Ottoman Caliphate), it's a conflict between Israel and Iran (but also Iran and the Arab world), as well as an internal Palestinian conflict over power, money and political dominance of the troubled entity.

But it's very easy and clear to see who is civilized and who is not. After all, Arabs in Israel enjoy more freedoms and rights than they would in any Arab country. That says it all.

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Israel: the only terrorist country in the world backed by US, EU

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Buddy, just see how many people are killed in the Middle East all the time.

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