Discussing possible Wuhan lab leak is now "hate speech" according to Facebook

My post on Covid-19 leak theory was removed by the site and I was, again, banned (for 7 days this time).

Turns out everything going counter to left-wing dementia is “hate speech“. Within about 6 weeks I have managed to get myself banned for publishing about black crime (hate speech), Israel being civilized in the largely uncivilized Middle East (hate speech) and now about the possible Wuhan biolab leak (hate speech).

What a time to be alive… I’m republishing my article below:

I think many people misunderstand what the lab-leak theory of Covid-19 origins is about.

It's not a conspiracy theory - it's a cock-up / cover-up theory.

I don't think anybody is suggesting that China worked on the virus and deliberately released it to screw with the world. It's not about the Communist Chinese being sinister villains trying to wipe out the human race - but rather about them being what we all know them: incompetent crooks who mishandled the virus and let it out of the bag.

Just think what "China" is really associated with and known for:

  • Quality? No.

  • Honesty? No.

  • Reliability? No.

China is mostly (in)famous for poor quality, cheap rubbish, churned out of labor camp factories by near-slave labor. It's known for intellectual property theft, counterfeit goods and widespread corruption. We hear about it whenever an industrial accident happens, a viaduct or a residential building topples over or food safety standards are ignored in pursuit of profit, with some public officials building fortunes with bribes received to look the other way.

Anybody who has ever dealt with any Chinese company knows well that you have to check them every step of the way. That you can't just order something and expect it to be done with the required attention to detail.

Japan gave the world Kaizen. China gave the world Chabuduo.

There's not a country in the world an very few people (chiefly blind CCP fans) who trust China about anything.

So, why would we trust it was able and disciplined enough to handle operations of a highly secretive biolab? Chinese track record is not one of quality standards and rigorous discipline - quite the opposite. It's a track record of fuck ups and cover ups, in desperate attempts to save a face which is laughed at around the world anyway.

China is a joke country, a fraud country, a thick skulled bully that everybody fears but nobody respects, trusts or really even treats seriously beyond his hysterical outbursts.

Actually, it's quite funny if you think about it - what is really worse, the notion that China would let a deadly virus out of a lab or that it can't even enforce civilized conditions for meat sales in its cities?

Xi Jinping has really succeeded at reviving Mao's legacy in governance. Incompetence and corruption killing millions are back in fashion in the PRC.

3.5 million people died, billions are affected, future generations are going to be repaying debts taken on today all over the world, because while the Chinese are shamelessly robbing the world of knowledge and technology, they are resistant to studying its quality and safety standards.

China is like a car thief stealing a Ferrari just to spin out and crash it on the first tree. It wouldn't be so bad it if it only hurt itself - but the entire world was decimated by their incompetence. We all deserve to know what happened and hold China accountable.


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