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While it's a major PR disaster, its fallout is a far bigger problem for America's global competitors.
It will mature with the decline of Bitcoin
Depending on what you think about cryptocurrencies, this story is either going to seem like a confirmation of their greatness or their utter craziness.…
My post on Covid-19 leak theory was removed by the site and I was, again, banned (for 7 days this time).
The current outburst of violence was caused by one man. And he didn’t even have to open his mouth to trigger it.
This article was removed by Facebook earlier, so I am republishing it here. See for yourselves how "hatefully" true it is...
Biden's administration and the Democratic Party have managed to trigger several domestic and international crises in a matter of months. Is there any e…
It’s hard to accurately measure how much anything is worth using a medium whose own price fluctuates highly all the time.
Role models matter.
Tone-deaf remarks delivered by the Chinese strongman at the Boao Forum for Asia were aimed at the USA but could come back to bite China in the end.
Another chapter in social media harassment may end with permanent deletion of my FB page.